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Horizon Wears Pink

Horizon Wears Pink (jpg document)
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Horizon Wears Pink to support, Kristin West, a Horizon employee battling cancer.

Pennies for Leithold's

Pennies for Leithold's  (jpg document)
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Sherry Heaton
Principal Sherry Heaton

500 Ash Coulee Drive
Bismarck ND 58503
Phone: 701-323-4550
Fax: 701-323-4555
Principal: Sherry Heaton
Secretary: Mary Felchle

Life Touch Pictures Spring 2014

Life Touch Pictures Spring 2014 (pdf document)
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Cupid Shuffle Flash Mob

Cupid Shuffle Flash Mob, 2014 (wmv document)
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Parent Volunteers Needed in the Library

We are busier than ever this year in the library. So, if you would be able to spare an hour or two of your time to help us shelve books or process in new books, please contact: Thanks!

PAC Facebook Page

PAC Facebook Page (pdf document)
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Horizon PAC now has a facebook page. Stay informed!!

October-November 2013 Newsletter

October/November 2013 Newsletter (pdf document)
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2013 Balanced Score Card

2013 Balanced Score Card (ptx document)
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ND Teen Licensing

ND Teen Licensing (pdf document)
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Equipment Purchased by PAC 2010-2013

Equipment Purchased By PAC 2010-2013 (pdf document)
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Horizon Kids on KFYR

Horizon Kids on KFYR AM
Kids Speak program with Phil Parker

November 2013 District News

November 2013 District News (pdf document)
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Mission Statement

In a safe, collaborative environment, we provide educational opportunities that empower all students to reach their fullest potential.

Horizon Huskie Spirit Wear

Horizon Huskie Spirit Wear (pdf document)
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Middle School Behavior Expectations and Values

Middle School Behavior Expectations and Values (pdf document)
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Horizon Scholarship

Horizon Scholarship (pdf document)
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Bismarck Public School District's "Staff and Student Acceptable Use of Technology" Policy

Bismarck Public School District’s “Staff and Student Acceptable Use of Technology” Policy (link)


Goal 1: All students will increase their language literacy in the areas of writing and reading.

Goal 2: All students will increase their life skills in the areas of respect and organization.

Parent Information on Math Facts

Parent Information on Math Facts (pdf document)
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International Music Camp Top Ten

International Music Camp Top Ten  (pdf document)
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Student/Parent Handbook

Horizon Handbook (pdf document)
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Healthy Snacks List

Healthy Snacks List  (doc document)
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Results of Horizon Student Survey, 2013

Results of Student Survey 2013 (pdf document)
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Comments from Horizon Student Survey, 2013

Comments from Horizon Student Survey, 2013 (pdf document)
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FREE lunch for kids & adults!

7/21/2014 - 8/29/2014

Band/Orchestra Camp Registration

7/28/2014 - 8/1/2014

Retirement Savings Seminar


Apple Dash set for Sept. 14

8/1/2014 - 9/2/2014

Band/Orchestra Camp August 4-14

8/4/2014 - 8/14/2014

Retirement Savings Seminar


New Teacher/Prof. Support Staff Orientation Info

8/11/2014 - 8/14/2014

Horizon Incoming 6th Grade Orientation


Staff Development/Teacher Work Days

8/26/2014 - 8/28/2014

Horizon Back to School Open House


School meal prices to increase

Bismarck Schools meets or exceeds MAP tests in reading, math!

BPS main 4000 number to be automated July 1

Back-to-School Immunizations

Change in vaccines required for 7th graders next fall

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